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  1. CCS24218
  2. Compucessory Wet and Dry Screen Cleaning Wipes - For Display Screen - 50 / Box - White
    • Safe and effective for use on all monitors and computer notebook screens; LCD, LED, plasma, DLP screens; and glass
    • Cleans screens and equipment surfaces without streaking
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$14.15   BX
  1. REARR1205
  2. Read Right Kleen & Dry Screen Cleaners - For Display Screen - Pre-moistened, Lint-free, Anti-static, Anti-glare - 28 / Box
    • Highly efficient, 2-part method for cleaning and controlling static on most screens
    • Packets contain a pre-moistened pad and dry, absorbent lint-free cloth for wiping screen clear
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$8.59   BX